Guaranteed Ways to Fail When Creating an Online Business

  1. Tell your story, loud and proud. It’s all about you. Make sure the first thing a customer reads is why you’re so great.
  1. Spend money on paid ads immediately. Don’t worry about using your available network or free advertising routes first. Your friends are too busy to care and free routes don’t scale well.
  1. Target the largest amount of people possible. Why fish in a pond when you can try the ocean? Your product is amazing. Go big. Narrowing your audience will only narrow your opportunities.
  1. Focus on branding. Branding won’t come as a side effect of everything else that you do. Focus on it constantly.
  1. Spend money on fancy packaging. Customers care greatly about this. The unboxing experience should be a pivotal feature of your business.
  1. A/B test button colours.  An incorrect shade on your Buy Now button could be costing you thousands. Don’t make this mistake.
  1. Use paid shipping. Free shipping eats into your margins. There’s no other way around this.
  1. Forget about return policies. Advise customers they must be careful when choosing. If they select the wrong item, it’s not your fault.
  2. Create lots of rules. Rules protect you from being cheated. For example, an incorrect shipping address must be charged a $15 correction fee. No exceptions.

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